People Change.
Their Access Should Change with Them.

Lifecycle Manager

SailPoint IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager manages changes to access through user-friendly self-service request and password management interfaces and automated lifecycle events. It provides a flexible, scalable solution for addressing the constantly evolving access needs of your business in a way that's both efficient and compliant.

With SailPoint IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager, you can:

1. Empower business users to independently request and manage access, and proactively change and reset passwords

2. Speed delivery of access using automated identity lifecycle events (e.g., hires, transfers, promotions, terminations)

3. Centralize access request and password change processes across disparate "last-mile" provisioning processes

4. Gain complete visibility to process execution and service-level monitoring

5. Streamline IT operations and offload IT and help desk personnel

Self-Service Access Request

Self-Service Access Request

IdentityIQ empowers business users to self-manage their access by delivering an efficient, compliant access request process with an intuitive e-commerce user experience.

  • Simplifies how business users find and request appropriate roles and entitlements based on their job duties
  • Guides users to the right access via an intuitive shopping cart to select what they need, review their cart, and quickly check out
  • Enforces enterprise access policies by evaluating the validity of the request against defined policies prior to approval and provisioning
Password Management

Password Management

Password management significantly reduces calls to the IT/help desk by providing end users with an easy, intuitive way to change or reset their passwords—without ever having to contact IT.

  • Enables users to change existing passwords across multiple systems, or recover forgotten passwords through configurable challenge/response questions
  • Enables managers and administrators to reset end user passwords
  • Enforces application-specific password policies to improve security and reduce risk
  • Automatically synchronizes password changes with target systems, using direct connectors or via third-party provisioning solutions
Lifecycle Event Management

Lifecycle Event Management

Lifecycle event management provides an automated, efficient, and secure means to synchronize access changes to user lifecycle events while enhancing governance to ensure the right access is granted or revoked at the right time.

  • Drives fulfillment of access changes through automated provisioning options or manual change management tasks
  • Initiates pre-defined business processes (e.g., approval processes, policy scans) to ensure access changes are aligned with governance policy

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