Identity and Access Management

One solution for everything identity in the enterprise.

IdentityIQ is SailPoint's identity and access management solution for enterprise customers who currently prefer an on-premises deployment. IdentityIQ helps your users effectively participate in a wide variety of IAM processes – including automated access certifications, policy management, access request and provisioning, password management, and identity intelligence. And, with resource connectors included as part of the base platform, it delivers out-of-the-box integration to a wide variety of applications running in the datacenter or the cloud.

Uniquely, it also provides the option of a staged on-ramp to the cloud—for customers who need an on-premises solution today, but who also might want the future-proofing ability to transition over time to IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS).

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Compliance manager
Streamlines the execution of compliance controls and improves audit performance through automated access certifications and policy management.
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Lifecycle Manager
Combines self-service access request and password management capabilities with automated lifecycle event management to simplify creating, changing, and revoking access privileges based on user lifecycle changes.
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Identity Intelligence
Transforms technical identity data scattered across multiple enterprise systems or in the cloud into centralized, easily understood and business-relevant information.
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Governance Platform
Centralizes identity data, provides a single place to model roles, policies, and risk to support compliance and provisioning processes across the organization, and includes over 80 connectors for managing enterprise and cloud resources.
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Integration Modules
Provide flexible options to connect to third party solutions for collecting data and/or orchestrating provisioning changes.
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User Provisioning
SailPoint enables IT to automate provisioning activities associated with user lifecycle activities, such as a new user joining or an existing user departing the organization.

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